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Why this site?

It is a website/page to help local businesses to promote their business. It allows everybody to add events, advertise their services or products. The site is intended to inform people in the areas around Dayboro, especially targeting those who are not on Facebook. The site is non-bias, this means everybody can promote and advertise for FREE and has been available to the community since 2004.

The DayboroWebsite Logo
Dayboro Logo Dayboro

The “logo” is not something I created, this site has no affiliation with the Progress Association, Information Center or Dayboro Day. The logo is pictured at the entrances of the town and as such is used as recognisably for the community. I have not received any formal requests to have it removed, changed or altered,after careful consideration and checking there is no copyright on the logo. I decided to use it. The image it is like a beacon that stands out and represents the local community. It created discussions and that is exactly what I want it to do.

After all this site is here to make life easier for us to find local businesses and their services. Local businesses can advertise for FREE, setup campaigns an let people know about events and other surrounding area related items. It is developed in 2004 to progress Dayboro into the world wide web, it has gone through many transformations and this is the latest one.

Over the past several other sites have come and gone, and in the future several sites will come and go…. this site has been here since 2004. So jump on board and enjoy a new wave of advertising and customer connection.

Now what?

Check the Frequent Asked Questions for answers on your questions. Check the posts for the updates and do not forget to list your site.

My goal is, to have all the information in relation to our yesteryear town in One Place as there is only ONE place like DAYBORO

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The businesses by categories

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What's on | Local Business

What’s on around town?

There is always something going on somewhere, use the WHAT’S ON button.


Look for local businesses

Few ways of doing that:

  • Use the Dayboro Phone Book (distributed by the lions)
  • Use either dayboro.info or dayboro.com to search online


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Get exposure for free

Get your business listed for free, get found in the surrounding area and in Moreton Bay, get the BUZZ. Make people aware of your planned, one off or recurring events. If you want you can post your own posts , list your business webpage or facebook page, get events emailed directly to your email box if you want.  It is free, you are in control, we help you when you need it. This directory has been free for a decade, no income is generated from it just a service provided by a local business for local businesses.

How to get MORE exposure, as in let people know you exist?

We just have the ticket for that, see our blog page on how we going or are doing that. We are not the only one, www.dayboro.com is an other good place to get your site listed. The more the better. HOWEVER…. few things you have to keep in mind when you list your business.

  • Make sure the website is on a server that is slow.
  • Make sure that the content of the listings are not the same. (Google does not like that)
  • Make sure your listing is upto date.

Both Dayboro.Info and Dayboro.com are managed by guys that know what they are doing. They create unique and sustainable listings for you. Dayboro.com has no affiliation with dayboro.info, they are not the same or managed by the same people. Just a bunch of guys that want to promote YOUR business for FREE.

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Where is Dayboro?

Dayboro is a town in the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia It is approximately 45 minutes drive north-northwest of Brisbane. Dayboro lies to the south of the D’Aguilar Range, on the start of the tourist drive up to Mt Mee Other nearby towns include Petrie and Samford, many day drivers use Dayboro as a stop for coffee and lunch between their trips. The land surrounding the town supported avocado and pineapple plantations, as well as some dairy cattle. Due to the expansion of Brisbane and the population of the Great South East, Dayboro has become more and more a commuter town.

Some say maps are not important as there is only One Dayboro well for those who like a map… here it is.

dayboroishere Dayboro



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What is the weather in Dayboro NOW?

If I go to the Town of Yesteryear, what would the current weather be?

As it so happens Dayboro has its own local weather station, that provides current and accurate weather details.

[iframe src=”http://dayboroweather.com/plugins/stickers/stickerInteractive.php?parameter=T&text=Local%20Dayboro%20Weather&bgColor=00578c&bg=10&color=white&image=170″ width=”978″ height=”180″ scrolling=”no” ]

Or visit
dayboroweather2_0 Dayboro